The organization does its work with (fulltime or adhoc) officials at the secretariat; volunteers’ and support of a think-tank, together with a senior advisory team, which is different from the Board’s constituted Advisory Council. The think-tank is purely intellectually situated, made up of some professors and person(s) that must have obtained a Doctorate Degree. Consideration may be given to a Master’s Degree holder that may have engaged in extensive research and must have spent more than a decade in the development sector. Some of the portfolios of the Advisory Team members are: Community Affairs/Mobilization, Development, Institutional Partnership, Technical, Security, Protocol & Governmental Affairs, Human Resources, Special Projects, Projects Investigation, ICT, Media, Monitoring and Evaluation, among others. We are privileged to have a wider network of Human Rights Lawyers that are associated with the organization’s work and are willing to take up any (pro bono) litigation or otherwise on behalf of the organization or for collective communal good. Abridged profiles of some officials within our secretariat are captured below:

Dr. George-Hill Anthony

Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer
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GEORGE-HILL Anthony is an Anti-corruption Expert, a Public Finance Expenditure Evaluator, Budget Analyst, Researcher and Corruption Shadow Examiner, among others.

He oversees and directs affairs at our Head Office and other affiliates of the organization, with almost two decades in civil rights movement. He was the Pioneer (Elected) Chairman of the Coalition for Accountability and Transparency in Extractive Industries, Forestry and Fisheries in Nigeria (CATEIFFN) from 2009-2011. He was also the Civil Society Liaison (Contact Person) of the Nigeria Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative’s- Civil Society Steering Committee from 2009-2011 and was Elected South-South Representative of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) ANCOR’s Board from 2010- 2011 and Board Member- National Procurement Watch Platform 2008-2011. Presently, he sits in the Board of Trustees of the Bayelsa State Non-Governmental Organizations Forum (BANGOF), Commonwealth of Niger Delta Youths, Centre for International Volunteers for Youths Development, Treatment Access Mobilizers and is the South-South Coordinator of Nigeria Resource Governance Group (NRGG), among others. He is also the Founder/Initiator of George-Hill Anthony Foundation (Inc). He is a Fellow of renowned institutions and holds membership of a Professional Body, including authorship of books/reports and has handled researches within the spectrum of development dynamics in Nigeria and beyond. He has some awards attributed to his efforts at empowering Niger Delta Youths’ and communities, including, a Traditional Designation from a segment of the Niger Delta region, which are abridged in this summary.

He worked with Okosen Security & Investment Limited as Executive General Manager from 1997 to 1999. Later, precisely in January 2001, he joined the services of Neutrans International Limited as Contract Manager from January 2001 to January 2002. In February 2002, he was appointed as General Manager of Gmaisaje (Nigeria) Limited, a position he held until December 2002. By February 2003, he joined the services of Arovihna International Limited as Group Operations Manager. During this period, he was also involved with the Niger Delta struggles; through frontline regional youth leadership, which metamorphosed into his headship of the Commonwealth of Niger Delta Youths (in 1999), basically, to fight injustices, oppression and crimes related to extractive exploitation of Niger Delta communities. He voluntarily relinquished this position without completing his second term and in the spirit of honour, was elected, a Lifetime (National) Trustee of the body in 2007.  He is the Founder of Centre for International Volunteers for Youths Development and George-Hill Anthony Foundation (Inc). Empowerment of youths in the Niger Delta won him an award from Nigerian Professionals (NiPRO) in 2004. He left Arovihna Group in February 2005 and sojourned into full-time civil rights activism. He was seconded to the Niger Delta Budget Monitoring Group, by the National Executive Committee of NDEBUMOG’s tending organization as National Coordinator in 2005. In 2009, he was elevated to the position of Executive Director of the organization, following an internal restructuring by the Board and subject to (democratic) renewals from the Board or otherwise as they may deem fit…

He was an Associate Research Fellow of the African Institute for Applied Economics (AfriHeritage) in 2008, Fellow of the Centre for Budget Policy & Advocacy, an Alumnus of the West & Central Africa Human Rights Institute, and Africa’s Leadership Forum (DLT) 2001, amongst others. He obtained a Doctorate Degree in 2016 and engages in academic and (crosscutting) development work with communities, professional peers and other experts across the world.






Nkereuwem Ukoh

Institutional Partnership Advisor
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NKEREUWEM Ukoh is a seasoned private sector’s player of over 20 years. He holds a Degree in Sociology and has passion for community development, chiefly; on matters that concerns youth and community development.  He has been involved with our organization’s activities since year 2010. As Institutional Partnership Adviser, he offers advice about institutional partnerships, projects, partnership strategies and institutional cooperation with partners, governments and other institution that seeks to collaborate or synergize with our organization for strategic engagements or important level collaborations.

He also support members of our think-tank on outputs’ harvesting that relates to capacity enhancement and technical deliveries that measures into partnership outputs, technical capacity, along with other deliverables that are already envisaged within the organization’s Board Charter, which relates to partnerships and collaborations that help our management to keep pace with partnership realities and places the organization strategically relevant to its strategic objectives, particularly, to community stakeholders, funding partners and allies.



Barisua Nwidag (PhD) -In view.

Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor


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BARISUA Nwidag is a retired public servant (but not tired) and a development strategist with consummate knowledge on community health matters. He holds a Postgraduate Degree in Public Health (MPH), even as he pursues a Master’s of Science and Doctor of Philosophy (in view).

 He is passionate about sustainable development that symbiotically connects service delivery for governance end-users.  In view of this, he joined our team in 2017 as Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor, being a responsibility to advice about responsive service delivery, outputs integrity, outcomes surveillance, qualitative candor, along with knowledge connectors that interrelates to our programmes, collaborations’, projects, evaluations and impacts, which are essential elements at balancing institutional confidence that we have earned over the years from the supply side (that has leveraged our access to “sensitive” materials about governance) and at the same time balancing communal trust. 




Obodoekwe Styvn

Community Mobilization Advisor

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OBODOEKWE Styvn is a human rights defender, community mobilizer, environmentalist and activist. He holds a Degree in Economics, together with several trainings within the development sector that has spanned around two decades. Over the years, he has engaged the human rights sector through organizations, such as, Civil Liberties Organization, United Action for Democracy, Centre for Environment, Human Rights and Development, Rivers Movement, Transition Monitoring Group, among others, which primarily interlocked the grassroots on issues of socio- economic rights, environment and anti-corruption. Through these, he developed a synergic mutuality with our organization and participatorily engaged in our organization’s activities at a strategic level since 2012, which culminated to his honorary appointment in 2016 as Community Mobilization Advisor.

As Community Mobilization Advisor, he liaises with communities on socio-economic matters, fiscal governance, capacity building and basic economic literacy, which engenders democratic sustainability, transparency, accountability and responsive fiscal governance. He also advises management on community mobilization matters as occasions may arise from time to time.








Miracle Chiedozie Onyeukwu

Senior Resident (V) Official (SRO)
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He is Senior Resident (V) Official of NDEBUMOG and currently oversees Asaba Office of the organization on acting capacity. He also oversees a partner organization’s (KRUDI) day to day activities, including delivery of cost effective programme operations in accordance with KRUDI's Enterprise Resource Plan (ERP) and contractual agreements and representation of KRUDI with key stakeholders, business/development partners. A member of the British Project Professional Society (BPPUK) and has achieved the Executive Masters Certificate in Project Management, through the Global Project Management College UK and obtained a Certified Project Professional  (Distinction) awarded by BPP-UK and was the Research Focal Person - National Executive Committee (NEC)  of   Treatment Access Mobilizers (TAM). Taking directive from the Head Office in Port Harcourt, he is responsible for supervision, coordination and overseeing the day to day activities of the Branch office of NDEBUMOG in Asaba and reporting to the Head Office, pending a time when a substantive head shall be appointed for the Asaba Branch office of organization.

Isaac Raymond

ICT Specialist
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He is the ICT Specialist of the organization. His JD includes but not limited to: preparing ICT equipment and related items, before, during and after events/programmes. He is responsible for follow up with resource persons/experts at trainings and event’s venue to retrieve original of presentations, including having the responsibility for the safety and security of such equipments, working hand in hand with the secretariat and other mandated staff. Irrespective of this specific JD, he is equally among supplementary programme staffs, which may be mandated to attend external programmes on behalf of the organization, where it is expressly directed by his HOD, HOS or SC.


Pauline Dauseye

Special Projects Officer II (SPO-BSV)l 

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 She holds a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Banking and Finance. She is responsible for special task and special purpose assignments in Bayelsa State, through liaison with our SPOs. Such include, but not limited to: communities centered task, time-bound task, special projects’ engagements, PFEI&T and working closely with ICO, TA, SPAs, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Officers and SOs in a synergic and departmental interlocking for successes of organization’s projects and activities in Bayelsa State. She is the Team Leader of a local initiative of NDEBUMOG on shadow budget for community women in the Niger Delta, covering four (4) Pilot Local Government Areas in the region but specifically, as Team Leader for the group in Bayelsa State. She also liaises with partners, allies, (R) officers, consultants and volunteers of the organization for the purpose of undertaking task, responsibilities, assignments, particularly, in Bayelsa State or elsewhere as may be directed by our Head Office. 



 Peace Peter

Documentation Assistant
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She assists the Documentation Officer, along with other officials of the organization, such as HODs/SPOs/SPMs/SLAs, among others, by sorting out and filing appropriate documents as shall be necessary from various engagements and activities. Reporting to superiors within the organographic chain of this institution, she liaises with Resource Centre Manager under supervision from appropriate quarters, bridging the documentation gaps in the absence of Documentation Officer and connect the Account Department and Internal Control Officer for harmonization and providing QS information at times of reports writing, researches, projects investigation, procurement audits and collation of materials across the affiliates and branches for use by the Head Office, including other assignments, that may be assigned from time to time.



 Edna Onwubolu

Office Assistant (RVA)
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Edna as Office Assistant (RVA), assists the SRO on day to day operational activities in the office and also carry out such functions for a partner organization of NDEBUMOG on a fulltime basis. She blends her work with RVO, working either directly or under the joint supervision of the SRO/SPO or any other officer, who is available at the point of duty at any given time. She is in an affiliate office but carries out assignments so related with the Head Office same time.


Joseph Samuel

ICT Assistant
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Joseph’s JD includes: ICT recordings, conversions and digitalizing of programmes content for cyber-space mobility as may be used by the Head Office or any of the affiliates. He carries out his work with supervision primarily from ICT Specialist with synergic supplement from other Officers, who crave for best result always.







Please note: the above official email addresses are institutional departmental emails and are restricted to official communications only with institutional departmental control. Beyond the departmental emails, there are other official channels, which our staff may be reached respectively and is well known among stakeholders, who relate or want to relate with us for important matters, beyond the peripheral context of communications.

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